Below is an exurb from chapter seven of the book. Chapter seven has never been published to date.


At this point I would like to establish that all through Biblical history up until this point of the birth of Abram, God has recognized and worked through the first-born son, with one notable exception.


Seth was the third son of Adam, and because of Cain’s attitude, which culminated in him killing his brother Abel, the second son of Adam, Cain, the first son of Adam, was disqualified from his birth right by his own words and then his actions.


Seth then became the first born of Adam.  A similar scenario was played out with Esau and Jacob, when Esau despised his birthright.


If we follow this understanding of the scripture in Genesis 11 we can see how Terah could have had Abram any time between when he was 30 years old to being 48 years of age. This would still allow Abram to meet Melchizedek at the right time.


If we assume that Terah was 48 years old when Abram was born, how could the birth of his other sons, Sarah his daughter and wife to Abram, and his grand children fit in with biblical mile stones?


The chart on the next page is not designed to be explicitly accurate; however it does show how the generations of Terah could logically fit together.  It assumes that many of the firstborn children were born when their father was about 30 years old.


Notice how with this arrangement, Isaac is able to be attracted to Rebecca who would be of a similar age when they where to marry.  Notice also that Rachael and Jacob would be of a similar age when they married, and how Leah was older than Jacob.



Terah age 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
48 Abram Born        
57 Saria Born        
65 Nahor Born        
70 Haran Born        
88 Haran’s Daughter Milcah Born      
89 Haran’s Son Lot Born      
99 Haran’s Daughter Iscah Born      
104 Haran Died        
106 Nahor 55 years old Milcah Married Nahor      
107   Milcah’s Son Bethuel Born    
139     Bethuel’s son Laban Born  
148 Abram’s son when 100 yr old     Isaac Born  
149     Bethuel’s Daughter Rebecca Born  
174       Laban’s Daughter Leah Born
178       Isaac’s Son Jacob Born
179       Laban’s Daughter Rachael Born
184 Saria Dies        
205 Terah Dies          

Bold text denotes Biblical mile stones

The chart assumes that Abram is the eldest son of Terah. I propose that if Abram was not the eldest son of Terah then the chart would not work well.